Are you straining and struggling to hear conversations and having to turn up the volume constantly? Struggling with hearing can be frightening, but getting a hearing check is great to find out the root cause.

Our friendly staff here at Theale, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere are ready to help you with a range of hearing concerns.


We work with some of the leading brands and use the latest equipment in the audiology industry. This ensures that we provide quality, fit and comfort and can always ensure we find the root cause of your hearing problems.

Not only do we offer hearing assessments, but we  can also assist with tinnitus management, wax removal as well as provide aftercare and support as needed.


Ear wax can cause a wide range of symptoms, this includes ear pain as well as hearing loss. Excessive build up of wax should be addressed immediately, this will ensure your symptoms are cured fully and as fast as possible.

If you require ear wax removal we are able to carry this out quickly and easily on-site, this will prevent you having to go through the lengthy process of being referred from your GP to elsewhere.


Finding the source of your hearing problems can help you live a better quality of life. Hearing problems can feel overwhelming.

You can anticipate a check that covers every aspect of hearing protection when you schedule your hearing evaluation with Theale, from tinnitus management to replacement hearing aids.

With a two-year maximum warranty and lifetime aftercare, we are able to provide rechargeable, invisible hearing aids.

Theale is available to assist you in hearing better, whether you require ear wax removal or hearing aid repair and maintenance.

"The hearing aids are unnoticeable and lightweight, I am very happy with this and the quality of the product."
Matthew A.
"Amazing value for money. A large range of hearing devices for me to choose from. Couldn't recommend enough!"
Bradley S.
"The wax removal process was great. I was having a lot of ear ache and couldn't wait to be referred. Excellent service."
Ruth C.